Living Loved Living Free

I am so excited about my new Bible study, Living Loved-Living Free. It will be back from the printer just in time for Bible study to begin Wednesday, September 15th. I have grown so much as I have studied and written this study. The revelation of God's love brings such peace to my heart. I see God working in my heart and in my life as I continue to agree with what He says about me. It is exciting to know that Jesus really did come to give us abundant life and that life is found in living loved by Him. One of my favorite passages of Scripture in the Bible is Ephesians 3:16-21. This whole study is based on these verses and the understanding that when we live in Jesus and agree with the One Who loves us, He is able to bring to pass His plan in our lives and do superabundantly far over and above our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes and dreams. I hope you will join me at Abiding Harvest in Broken Arrow as we journey together into the heights and depths of our Heavenly Father's great love for us. If you're unable to join us in person, you can join us online. I will be blogging as I teach each week. We will also be videotaping each lesson and a podcast will be available each week through my website Becauseofjesus.com. I would love to hear how God speaks to your heart as you go through the study and I will share my heart with you also. Let's grow in Jesus together!


  1. I am so glad that you decided to start blogging. :) You are about to touch a whole new group of people with the Truth that Jesus has revealed to you.

  2. Hi Connie,

    Looking forward to the Bible Study on Sunday Night.


  3. I am so looking forward to this Bible Study. It is the "stuff of dreams." I've heard several pastors over the years refer to us as "God's dream," but I must admit for many years, I felt like God's nightmare, except of course, I didn't live on Elm Street. (That's in Broken Arrow, and I live in Tulsa!) Anyway, this Bible Study is going to be wonderful, I can't wait. I've read through it quickly, but I can't wait to go through it in depth. What I've seen has already changed my heart and life, so I can't wait to dive in! Join us!

  4. Ditto to my hubby's comment above. Just purchased his book a day before the sale ends. Thank you so much for the pre-discount :-)

    This is going to be a pivotal Bible Study...see you next Wednesday!

  5. WOOHOO! Living Loved-Living Free is in house. It just arrived from the printer. This is going to be a Bible study journey we will never forget! I am so excited to fulfill my purpose on this earth- which is to know Jesus and His great love for me, and share His love with others. (Phillipians 3:8-10)
    And I am so glad that we are all on this journey together!