Living Securely in the Father's Love Week 4 day 1 of Living Loved

There is no one in all the world that is going to love us the way Jesus does. That’s why we can only find true security in our relationship with Him. In this world we all deal with people who disapprove of us or even reject us. I used to live with a sense of rejection. I worried about what people thought about me and their opinion affected my heart in a positive or negative way. This created insecurity in my heart.
Realizing that I am accepted in the beloved (Ephesians 1:6) and allowing that truth to penetrate deep in my heart has brought such healing to my soul. My Heavenly Father loves me. He sent His Son to die for me to prove how valuable and important I am to Him. His thoughts about me are precious and He has a plan to prosper me and give me a hope and a future. If He is for me, who can be against me?
In today’s lesson, I love the example Jesus gave us to demonstrate how we can live free and secure in the Father’s love. Right after the Father said to Jesus, "You are My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased," the devil came immediately to question His identity. But listen to how Jesus responded, “I live by every word my Heavenly Father says about me.” (Matthew 4:3)
Jesus also faced disapproval and rejection from the people around Him. When they questioned His identity and judged Him badly, He responded in a similar way, “I do nothing without consulting My Father, and everything He says about me is true. Your approval or disapproval means nothing to me because you are not looking at me through my Father’s eyes.” (John 5:30-42)
And in John 8:14-55 Jesus said, "I say only what I have heard my Father say about me and what He says is true. If I were merely boasting about myself it wouldn’t count for anything, but it is my Father who says these glorious things about me and if I said anything about myself other than what my Father says I’d be as big a liar as you.”
This puts a whole new perspective on what it means to follow Jesus' example and be His disciple. I now know what it means to live securely in the Father's love. Just like Jesus, I do not judge myself without consulting the Father because everything He says is true. What others have to say or think about me means nothing if it isn’t in agreement with my Father. My Father says I am loved, abundantly blessed, favored, anointed, healed, accepted, approved, valuable, and complete in Christ. If I were merely boasting about myself it would mean nothing, but it is my Father who says these glorious things about me, and I assure you that everything He says about me is true.
We can live every day secure in the Father’s love by saying only what we hear our Heavenly Father say about us. What does your Heavenly Father say about you?


  1. Sherry Hensley24/10/10 9:52 PM

    My Heavenly Father says I'm wonderful! He says I'm pleasing to him and completely approved of! His opinion is that I am justified, as righteous as Jesus! If I were to say those things, that would sound boastful but He says these things about me and my Father does not lie!

    He also says that I am blessed as well as my home including my husband and children. Our bodies are blessed, we are complete in Him. We have no lack in anything. We are increasing more and more. Thank you Jesus for what you've made available for me!

    What does your Heavenly Father say about you?

  2. It truly is amazing that when you begin to understand the Truth about what Jesus says about us, it changes every aspect about our lives, including how we see others as well. Sometimes, I just sit back and ask God, "How in the world can you say that person is wonderful? How can you see them as righteous? I know some parts of their hearts and it is not good at all. How do you do it God?" Then I get a simple reminder from the One Who lives inside of me what He thinks about me despite my despicable ways sometimes too. And as I receive His thoughts toward me, despite myself, I then can begin to see His heart toward others in the midst of their yuck as well. It completely transforms me. His mercy and grace overwhelm me and I am unable to not extend that same grace to those around me.

  3. The wonderful thiing is that we can embrace what our Heavenly Father says about us no matter what negative circumsance comes our way. The moment we experience a negative emotion we can run to Jesus and say, "What do you say Lord?" In that moment the Holy Spirit will bring to our rememberance what Jesus says about us. Then our part is to simply agree with the One who loves us! We can rest in His perfect peace!

  4. Sherry, Thank you for your comment. Today what I am thinking and saying about what my Father says about me is: Thank you, Lord, that I can do all things through you and you have equipped me with everything I need to carry out your will for my life.

    Today He showed me that equipping me also comes through the family and friends He surrounds me with. They encourage and support me and join with me in sharing the Good News and I am so thankful today for each one. I am so blessed in Jesus :)

    Christy, It is so true that when we realize that the Father says these wonderful things about us even when we don't deserve them, it empowers us to see others thru His eyes as well. His grace is amazing!

  5. My Father says I am loved unconditionally and there is nothing that can ever separate me from His love

  6. Rose Karlebach26/10/10 8:58 PM

    It is so wonderful to know that there is only one opinion that counts, and that is my Heavenly Father's opinion. The nice thing is that He is always with me and I can hear His wonderful opinion anytime I turn to Him.

  7. I am so thankful I learned that God's opinion of me never changes. He always sees me as good because of what Jesus did for me at the cross. As I continue to learn to live in the Father's love and agree with His opinion of me I live free from guilt and condemnation, with peace in my heart. Thank you Jesus!

  8. Lisa Aldrich26/10/10 9:02 PM

    This is so rich and satisfying. Instead of striving for self-confidence, we are offered God confidence, confidence in what He promises us and in His ability to provide what He has promised.

    By simply agreeing with who He says I am in Jesus, every desire of my heart is fulfilled. I am who He says I am. My circumstances don't determine if this is true, my Jesus and His sacrifice determined that this is true.

  9. Expecting for EVERYONE to ALWAYS approve of me is a sure way to disappointment. There is only One who always approves of me and like Rose said, His is the only opinion that counts.
    Lisa I love what you said--" My circumstances don't determine if this is true, my Jesus and His sacrifice determined that this is true."

  10. Actually, I prefer being an atheist, because instead of worrying about being loved by something that is make-believe, I can focus my love on my friends and family.

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